Mechanical Faults 
We diagnose and undertake a wide range of mechanical fault repairs, ranging from engine rebuilds, turbo replacements and general repairs as you can see from pictures of our work in our gallery.

Electrical Repairs
Electrical faults prove to be time consuming and very costly but with the most up to date equipment we can minimize your cost of fault finding and have a wide range of cost effective options from e.c.u repairs, key coding, cutting and replacement fobs, injector programming and many more.
Exhaust Repairs
With a wide range of options including replacing your exhaust for an original unit we also offer replacements for modified exhausts, either supplied by us or customers (especially to help with increasing your cars performance after a remap) we also fabricate exhausts for customers as seen in our gallery


Have you thought of how remapping your vehicle could benefit you?

With cost effective options to save you costs on fuel (recommended for your commuting vehicle or business fleet vehicle) or unleashing the true potential of your pride and joy by either a simple remap or by carrying out modification work to help enhance performance and throttle response and let your vehicle perfomed how it should!

Clutch/Dual Mass Flywheel Repairs
How do you know when your clutch is worn or when its recommended to be changed? The most common fault with clutch failure on vehicles is the the hydraulic slave cylinder failing resulting in the clutch pedal having no pressure and hydraulic fluid contaminating the clutch plate. The second most common failure is the dual mass flywheel which will start to give vibrations through the clutch pedal and eventually start to rattle/fail completely, these can be a very costly repair. We supply and fit single mass conversion kits where recommended to save you having the costly repair again.
Brake Repairs/ Upgrades
Frequent brake pad level/condition checks are often postponed by people until they are caught in a situation of brake failure. Your brakes are the most important components on your vehicle so why put off having them checked, Replaced or Upgraded? We offer a wide range of brake services including rebuild of calipers, performance upgraded brakes, system drain, refill and bleed (inc vehicles needing diagnostic bleed procedure)